Monday, 7 June 2010

Wii Remote Used for Robotic Research | Edge Online

Wii Remote Used for Robotic Research | Edge Online

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The "robot teachers" that Rice is researching aren't of the pulp magazine variety. The school explained, "Think of hitting a tennis ball. Learning by trial-and-error is fine, but it would be much easier if a robotic sleeve could tell you exactly where that hitch in your swing is and gently prod you to hit the ball correctly."

Researchers will analyze motion using the controller, and compare that to a high-end motion capture device from Vicon.

Rice professors Marcia O'Malley and Michael Byrne are leading the project. O'Malley previously researched ways robots can be used to treat stroke victims, and this study is an extension of that research into "cognitive modeling of human motor skill acquisition."

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