Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Motivations, Strategies, and Movement Patterns of Video Gamers Playing Nintendo Wii Boxing (2008)

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Video game consoles that employ physical activity as an
interaction mode can benefit from using the gamer’s
movement as feedback and adapt to it. But to be able to
design such systems we need to know how gamers actually
move and what we can infer from this. This paper reports
preliminary, qualitative results of a study that aims at
identifying playing styles and related movement patterns
of gamers that play the Nintendo Wii Boxing game.
Interviews of video gamers revealed that they approach
the game with two different motivations (to achieve and to
relax) that lead to different strategies (game and
simulation). A movement analysis study using motion
capture data, video recordings, and observer ratings
identified three different movement patterns that relate to
these strategies.

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