Friday, 28 October 2011

Respiration Tracking Using the Wii Remote Game Controller

Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Volume 169, 2011

Edited by Anne Moen, Stig Kjær Andersen, Jos Aarts, Petter Hurlen

Authors: J. Guirao Aguilar, J.G. Bellika, L. Fernandez Luque, V. Traver Salcedo

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Respiration exercises are an important part in the pulmonary rehabilitation of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients. Furthermore, previous research has demonstrated that showing respiration pattern helps the patients to improve their breathing skills. We have developed a low cost and non-invasive prototype based on the Wii remote game controller infrared camera to provide BPM (breaths per minute) measurement as feedback. It can also be a comfortable solution without wires, batteries or any kind of electronics but just wearing passive markers. The lab evaluation with 7 healthy individuals showed that this approach is feasible when users are resting of their exercise. The BPM monitored during the tests presented less than 15% of maximum error and the RMSE (root mean square error) was lower than 6% in all the tests. Further research is needed to evaluate and adapt the system for COPD patients. In addition, more work is needed to develop applications that can be built to motivate and guide the users.

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