Wednesday, 21 July 2010

“Wii!” ‐‐ The Nintendo Wii as Emerging Educational Technology

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Nintendo’s Wii is a gaming platform introduced on the market in November, 2006, to much buzz. It’s unique feature is controls which use accelerometer technology to allow the user to make natural motions in real time (no frantic tapping on a keyboard) to control the digital reality portrayed on the user’s TV. As such, the system is “plug and play” and relatively easy to use. Since the Wii’s introduction it has grown in popularity and applications. The Wii has a strong market share and has sold many units since its introduction; it is usually sold out on primary markets and looks to be that way in time for the holiday season of 2008. Despite complaints by critics that the Wii is short on applications and power, the Wii’s popularity continues to be strong.

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